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Posted by tom klein June 11, 2007

What’s the value of your brand? It’s the price premium your customers will pay (over the price of a commodity). The web can help you romance your brand and help your customers feel good about paying more, especially when you don’t have a lot of room at the point of sale to tell the whole story.

Dole uses a simple coded sticker to provide visibility to its organic banana farms around the world. By entering the 3-digit farm code you can see the farm where the banana was grown, including a link to its precise location on Google Earth. Beyond location, you can find the organic certifications and learn more about the farm that produced your banana.

Don’t you feel better about buying Dole organic bananas already? This simple method can help you help your customer understand why your brand is worth a premium by providing insight into its special qualities. Have you mastered the web-enabled art of brand romance?

This is not complicated technology. The challenge here is creating a simple reference code and building out the website content that will be compelling. Next, there’s the challenge of changing your packaging to include this code. You get extra credit for using text messaging to make this information accessible on the fly.

You can’t just put a coded sticker on your product and hope your customers get it. You have to tell them the code is there and convince them to use it. Remember to build your story to highlight your brand’s key, differentiating benefits – not just your category benefits (e.g., why Dole organic bananas, not just any organic banana).


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