Deck, deck, goose Place targeted mobile search ads with Medio

Posted by tom klein July 27, 2007

It may seem as if the race for search advertising supremacy has already been won by Google. When you own the searches, you win the spoils by earning the right to place the search related ads. Even if you are already placing ads next to Google or Yahoo! search results, are you prepared for what may be the much bigger search related advertising market – the cell phone?

Advertisers should consider opportunities to place mobile ads with mobile ad networks like Medio. Medio, the “on-deck” advertising partner of Verizon, T-Mobile, and others, offers advertisers the opportunity to use its ad placement system, with a minimum spend of $25. Much as with Google’s Adwords system, it’s easy to use and lets you choose targeted searches, develop a short text ad, and place bids for optimal ad placement when a user searches (see this Medio overview). It remains to be seen if consumers will use the search systems that are built into their phones or if they’re going to download and use the phone-based applications provided by Google and Yahoo! (that in turn tie to their respective text ads).

One thing’s for certain, when one of your customers or prospects is searching on a phone, it’s almost guaranteed to be a great selling prospect. Just as with web-based text ads, why not get your feet wet and learn more about how mobile-based text ads might drive sales or leads for you? Remember . . . there are three times more mobile handsets in the U.S. than PCs. On top of that, data usage (such as when you conduct a phone-based search) is doubling every year.

Two key terms: “On-Deck” is when you turn on your phone, and are on the deck (at the startup page) of your cell phone carrier. “Off deck” is everywhere else - all of the publishing sites that show, ideally, relevant text and banner ads.

When it comes to mobile search, studies indicate that young men and business travelers represent the most fertile targeting territory. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and consider what they might be searching for on their mobile phones. Also, remember that the mobile world doesn’t really do email - it’s all about text messaging (as we discussed in As you like it).


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