Dance, dance, Mr. Bojangles Place ads in targeted vmail and texts with Jangl

Posted by tom klein March 17, 2008

We’ve gone from 7 digit wire line phone numbers to 10 digit numbers that we can take with us. But now that everyone has an email address, what good is voicemail?

Thanks to Jangl, voicemail will live on. With this system, you can send a voicemail to anyone’s email address. It’s as simple as it sounds. You indicate the email you want to reach. Then, the system creates a phone number for that email. Then, you call that number and record your message that’s sent to the original email. So, where’s the angle? The system sells advertising – so when the recipient of the voice mail calls to receive it, he or she might receive a sponsored message during the “ring time” while the system bridges the phone conversation (very similar to a “ring-back” tone).

If you’re looking to reach a young audience, here’s an interesting option.

So, who’s going to find this tool out there on the web? Well, they’ve done a great job of integrating with all of the major social networks, (e.g, Facebook), so people who are meeting online can begin to share voicemails, too.

This type of advertising may sound foreign, but it presents a great opportunity to reach people (who of course want to reach a number). It makes you wonder at what point the phone companies will offer free service in exchange for listening to these ads.


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