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Posted by maggie.hunsucker January 6, 2009


The idea of local video advertising may evoke images of personal injury lawyers, but there is much more to video these days.

Consider a service like Jivox, which takes ad placement online. Jivox has an easy-to-use video creation and placement interface, and provides a premium publisher network to serve up your ads. You pay only for media spend.

With Jivox, it’s a straightforward, three-step process – create, target, and budget – to put a video ad online. To get started, choose your design elements (like images, video, and music) from the service’s royalty-free stock library. You can also upload custom content, such as a company logo or your existing ad materials. Throw in some ad copy and/or a promotional offer or coupon, and you’re good to go. You can edit all your video ad elements directly in the Jivox system – syncing music and video and setting times for your copy to appear.

The next step in the process is to define your target audience. With Jivox, you can filter publishers by demographic – age, language, gender, etc – or zero-in on specific audience behavior patterns. You can’t pick sites carte blanche, but Jivox will match you with local and relevant websites who meet your target requirements. Jivox has lined up some choice publishers in their networks, including local and national television sites, newspaper sites, and weather-related sites (e.g. CBS Affiliate websites, Media News Group, WeatherBug.com), as well as local search-related sites (e.g. YellowPages). Once you’ve identified your target, you can set your ad budget. A typical campaign for a small or medium business is $500 a month, but you can go as low as $250 if you are looking to experiment. With Jivox, you pay by video impression (defined as a full video play or play-to-click); a budget of $500/month can expect roughly 30,000 ad veiws.

Here’s a service offering an all-in-one package for targeted video advertising for free. It’s a good time to start learning.

Unlike their TV cousin (or is it uncle?), online video advertising provides the opportunity for direct campaign measurement. Jivox provides an activity report so you can monitor impressions and click-through rates.

If you like the Jivox platform but feel a little uneasy about a cut-and-paste video ad campaign, you can use one of Jivox's preferred design partners to contract our the work (or a friendly digital scientist).


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