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Posted by maggie.hunsucker April 17, 2009


Social media and blogs have changed the game of online advertising.  Traditional display ads are easily lost in the long-scrolling format of a blog and in general, users expect bigger, richer interactive experiences with brands.

The same creative heads behind the VideoEgg (an idea we discussed in Put an egg in your shoe), are rolling out a new ad vehicle called Twig.  Twig AdFrames are designed specifically for blogs and long webpages to provide constant ad exposure.  Twigs appear as thin bars at the top or bottom of the page, framing site content and staying in place, regardless of a user’s on-page movements.


Twig doesn’t obstruct or compete with site content; it just works a little harder to get noticed.   If a user chooses to interact with a Twig ad, the bar expands and becomes a full window, complete with rich media and user interactions.   Check out the demo here.


Like VideoEgg, Twig runs on a cost per engagement model (CPE), where you only pay when a user engages with your ad.   There isn’t a lot of information on Twig and it’s pricing yet, but VideoEgg is requiring publishers submit an application and maintain a minimum of 1,000 active daily visitors to be considered.

With new platforms and online experiences, you can’t expect the same old tricks to work.   Twig will hopefully be the first of many ad units catering specifically to blogs and the people who want to advertise on them.

Check out Video Egg's 7 Minutes to Reinvent the Internet (for Advertising) event on May 6th. You can stream the great debate live, where 7 great minds in advertising each have 7 minutes to pitch/rant/expound upon the future of digital advertising.

Expect to see a little more Twig in your life. Video Egg has already partnered with huge sites like Icanhascheezburger, Go Fug Yourself , TwitPic and more do deliver Twig AdFrames.


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