Cogito, ergo ... Generate ad revenue from documents with iPaper

Posted by tom klein February 21, 2008

Most companies don’t create web pages. They create documents, usually in the form of MS Word, MS Powerpoint, or just PDF’s. The concept of monetizing all of these documents hasn’t even been thinkable, and may still sound kind of strange.

It’s not from Apple, but something called iPaper can help turn your existing documents into ad revenue. This tool turns any document into a Flash-based widget that you can embed into any website (in much the same way that you can embed a YouTube video). That’s just the beginning. In addition to making it easy to put a document anywhere on a site, it can also integrate Google text ads in between the pages of your documents – helping you earn while you publish

Want to turn something that feels like a cost center – maybe an online product user’s guide – into a revenue center? Here’s how.

Here’s what’s so important about iPaper - it makes your documents visible online. Your users won’t have to download something before they can look at it. This is a great way to turn all of those PDF’s that users don’t like into something that’s visible and accessible on your site.

It may sound strange, but you may be able to think about all of your documents, your product guides, even your lowly sales presentations as valuable content that can earn revenue on its own. You don’t have to buy a movie studio to be a content mogul.


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