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Posted by tom klein November 9, 2007

There are really so many websites that offer the equivalent of free classified advertising. The big problem, so often, is that the real “cost” of these sites is the chore of finding them and jumping through the hoops to sign up and then post something.

vFlyer takes it one step further. It will let you create a simple advertising flyer and then the system posts it to several of these free sites, without you having to lift a finger. Just walk through a simple form to create your own flyer, complete with images and a template that you can choose. There are forms related to an ad for just about anything that you would normally sell on Craigslist – jobs, cars, apartments, etc. Sites covered include GoogleBase, Oodle, Edgeio, and Vast. As for Craigslist, because it has special posting requirements, the system generates compatible code for you – so all you have to do is copy-paste into the Craigslist site.

As you’ll see in this detailed tutorial, this simple process will raise the bar on what you submit and also save you time. Is there any reason you’re not selling on these free sites?

While there’s a free, entry-level option, there are several pricing levels - as with many services such as this, the more you pay, the more control you have over what your flyer looks like and how many you can have active at the same time.

While these sites are free, you don’t need to have a discount mentality. Here’s what works on eBay - try to over-communicate any faults or shortcomings, show pictures of scratches and dents of anything you might be selling (assuming it’s used). In online sales, brutal honesty tends to sell more than puffery.


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