Cents and sensibility Earn advertising revenue with Google AdSense

Posted by tom klein November 27, 2007

While so many marketers are learning how to place search and display ads using Google’s Adwords, you may be able to use the flip side of the same system to make a few cents.

If you’re looking to bring in revenue or offset expenses from your blogging and online publishing, try Google’s AdSense. How does it find and place relevant ads? The system scans the content of your site, and then matches what it finds against its enormous database of ads (see more about Adwords in Search me). Then, it serves up text or image ads that are relevant in the area of your site that you’ve identified.

You will earn money based on how many of your readers click through. How much depends on which ads they click on. The best way to figure out what you can earn? Get started.

AdSense does more than just serve up any old ad. They system also uses geotargeting to make sure that ads are appropriate for the region and language. Based on a user’s IP address, AdSense can know when to say hello and when to say hola.

While putting ads on a corporate site might not be a good fit, consider placing unobtrusive ads on blogs and non-branded sites. With so many companies sponsoring blogs, there’s no shame in making them pay their own way.


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