Breakfast at Tiffanys Publish a calendar for customers with Google Calendar

Posted by tom klein August 9, 2007

Almost every business has an ebb and flow of important events throughout the year. There’s always something interesting on the horizon – the next season of clothing, the new model year, the next version of the iPod . . . or maybe just the big annual sale. It’s the rare company that gives its customers a full view of what’s going to happen throughout the year, even though this is exactly how everyone in marketing normally looks at things.

With Google Calendar, your brand can be the exception and give your customers a full view of key events. As you’ll see in this public calendar gallery, brands ranging from Faith Hill to Disney to the Florida Gators have found value in publishing a calendar of events. This calendaring system makes it easy for viewers to add an event to his/her own (Google) calendar. Or, even better, the system can let a viewer save all of the events to his/her (Google) calendar.

Shouldn’t you have a way to ensure that your best customers know about your key events – whether that’s a sale or the arrival of a new product line?

With web-based calendaring, there’s no limit to the number of calendars you create, or the level of detail you provide for each event. Calendars are a very familiar way for people to interact with data. Even the political campaigns have gotten into the act. You can see where Senator Clinton is having lunch today.

If you manage a multi-location business, this kind of calendaring represents an easy way to create real outreach in the local community. What’s going on in your local Borders or Starbucks could be very different from what’s happening across the country. Why not give your local operations a way to reach out to local customers?


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