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Posted by tom klein April 1, 2008

Despite the appeal of the web, not everyone spends every waking moment in front of a screen. Sometimes your customers are just whipping up something in the kitchen. So, the important question is … how do you reach them when they seem to be beyond reach?

Enter the wireless refrigerator magnet-widget offered by Coolshrank. It’s just what it sounds like – the web enabled version of everyone’s favorite – the refrigerator magnet. However, now that the old refrigerator magnet is wireless and able to pull in feeds (and your advertising), what’s old is new again. Consumers are able to configure their Coolshrank widgets with a web-based administrators tools. Advertisers, on the other hand, can target Coolshrank users with text, display, and MP3 ads. Don’t you think it would be helpful to target refrigerators in certain zip codes or IP address zones.

The next time your target consumer opens the refrigerator door, you can actually ask the question out loud … got milk? Brands like Heineken, Land o’Lakes, and Absolut have climbed on board to exhort consumers right at the point of consumption. Don’t you think that your consumer brands deserve the same level of attention?

This wireless enabled mini tablet, running on a well-known flavor of the operating system linux, represents the future of web enabled appliances. Instead of building the web into a dumb appliance, it’s so much better to just attach what you need with our favorite invention … velcro.

The old rules still apply. If most people are going to be putting these magnet-widgets on their refrigerator, try to avoid advertising motor oil. Remember to target your customers’ most impulsive desires, such as the desire for chocolate ice cream.


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