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Posted by maggie.hunsucker March 26, 2009


Brands often use product placement or powerful associations to drive sales.  A pair of high-end jeans or sunglasses will sell if an image of Paris Hilton wearing the product is splashed across the internet, more so than a banner ad or any other traditional ad medium.

That’s the idea behind Pixazza, a platform that uses image-based advertising to capitalize on consumer interest with “it” products.   When a user mouses over a product element in an image, like a pair of sunglasses, Pixazza displays a selection of similar products, if not a exact product match.   Users can choose to click on the product link or not and are directed to one of Pixazza’s participating advertisers.   Zappos, Amazon, Bulefly, Shopbop, Overstock, eLuxury, Macys, and more have partnered with Pixazza.


Pixazza works by enlisting publishers to make their images available to product advertising.  They add a line of JavaScript to their site, and their part is done.   Pixazza’s staff marks-up the images and matches products to the appropriate sites.  If a user clicks on the link and makes a purchase from the advertiser’s site, the publisher is paid a small commission.  However, Pixazza offers CPA, CPC, and CPM ad models, so advertisers can choose what works for them.

Currently, Pixazza only offers apparel advertising, but they do plan to expand their focus to home furnishings, travel, sports, and electronics in the future.

Once a publisher adds a snippet of code to their site, all images on their pages are automatically put in a queue for Pixazza to analyze. The system filters out any image-based advertisements you have on your pages, so they don't get marked up. Pixazza actually works in harmony with your existing advertising, so you can have more than one revenue stream coming in.

If you're a retailer and want to expand your store beyond your domain or your four walls, here's an easy way to make that happen. As long as you're clear on your cost of sales, you can think creatively about how you might use that same level of investment to enlist affiliate networks like this one.


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