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Posted by tom klein May 2, 2008

Because you’ve no doubt been following the online ad revolution, you realize that you can launch a search advertising campaign in a matter of minutes (a really good one, of course, may take a bit more time).

But did you know that you can use Google Adwords (TV Ads) to also launch an ad campaign on TV? This system makes buying and placing TV ads very similar to the system to buying and placing search ads. In addition, because the system is tied to a specific network, it’s actually more accountable than regular TV ads (in other words, you have a better chance of figuring out if it’s working or not). If you already have an ad “in the can” so to speak, you can launch it in a matter of minutes.

So, what do I mean by more accountable? Well, these ads are more accountable because you can actually figure out where your ads ran, how many impressions your ad received and real life tuning behavior (did viewers change the channel?) – all on the day after you ad runs. Don’t faint – but think about how you might be able to use this tool to rethink how or if TV ads fit into your marketing plan. Oh yeah – with all of this fine tuning, it’s a lot easier for smaller businesses to advertise that have never even consider it.

Google can provide more accountability because they’ve gained access to millions of set-top boxes - so they actually can correlate user behavior with the timing of your ad . . . and then give you the information you’re looking for. It’s not a click through rate, but it’s progress.

It sure has taken a long time, but finally with so many targeted cable channels, TV advertising is in reach of so many businesses. This system just makes the ad buying process more transparent. So much for all of the mystery of a traditional ad agency.


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