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Posted by maggie.hunsucker January 29, 2009

ad-causeAdvertisers have been waiting in the wings for popular micro-blogging platform Twitter to figure out a monetization strategy.

Enter adCause, the latest contender.   It connects businesses looking to tap into the growing Twitter network with publishers (or as the name suggests, with philanthropic publishers) who are willing to offer up ad space in their tweet stream for a small fee.

Here’s how it works.  Twitter users sign up for the adCause publishing network and give advertisers their best sales pitch – a description about them and their followers, the number of followers they have, ad frequency (e.g. your ad will appear once for every ten tweets I send out), ad duration, and the cost of this campaign.   As an advertiser, you can search through the network and find Twitterers that best suit your needs or target a specific user by their Twitter ID (you’d be surprised how many have name-brand recognition).  This is also a handy feature if you want to run a background check on a Twitter user before investing.

And if you’re the type that likes to haggle, you’ll dig adCause’s built-in best offer feature (similar to Ebay).  Once an agreement is reached, simply enter your ad text (like Adwords, tweets need to be short and sweet) and pay with PayPal.  Publishers have editorial control, so they do retain the right to 86 your ad if it’s inappropriate for their followers.

Publishers who want to throw some, if not all of their profit to a charity can even set-up a charity info section on their adCause profile page, including the charity name and the percentage of their donation. Advertisers may be more inclined to invest in your Twitter identity if they know your values align with their own.

You might want to consider a few other Twitter money-makers where advertisers either bid on notoriety (Big Talker) or the equivalent of billboard space (Rockin Robin).


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  1. Maggie, Thanks for checking us out, and getting the Mantra. We think we can get ads into twitter in a socially conscious way, help people, and grow businesses on twitter. -Andy Andy posted on

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