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Posted by tom klein January 9, 2008

At the heart of the magic of the web are two things: the ability to create links and the ability to serve up images. Now that almost everyone has a camera built in to his mobile phone, the image explosion will just accelerate. The question remains – how do I turn all of these images into dinero?

One super simple way would be to apply watermarks to your images using PicMarkr. What does it take? Vist this site, upload an image, apply a watermark of your liking, and then download the image back onto your PC. Your watermark can be your email address, website URL, or just about anything you like. Now wherever you put an image, you’re also creating a connection back to you.

While watermarks are of course important for establishing rights over an image, don’t forget that they can turn any image into a sales piece. Now you can take a picture of your product, maybe buy a 10-cent print, and then hand it to your prospect … certain that s/he will be able to find you to make a purchase.

This site integrates closely with fabulous image site Flickr (that we described in Do these make me look fat?), making it easy to just choose and add watermarks to images that you have already uploaded.

Sometimes being a good marketing means being a contrarian. Now that everyone has a mobile phone and digital images, you might be able to stand out by creating watermarked prints and handing them out to your prospects or customers. Remember that if you’re not different, no one will notice.


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