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    What is feed growth!

    feed growth! is a free daily e-mail newsletter, RSS Feed, and website. It’s your source for new ideas to create your own customer feeding frenzy.

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    How do I sign up?

    Just enter your email or click on the RSS subscription link on the sign up page. You will then begin to receive a new growth idea every day.

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    What are you going to do with my email address?

    We’re just going to use it to send you email, if you subscribe. That’s it.

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    My inbox is too full, can you send me something less frequently?

    We know what you mean.

    Don’t be timid. Now is the time to start using an RSS Reader (try either or Then you can sign up for our RSS Feed and impress all of your buddies with how savvy you are - while avoiding any additional email.

    If that doesn’t work, you can always just choose to change your subcription / sign-up for a weekly email.

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    How can I submit a growth idea?

    It’s as simple as contacting us. We are the first to admit that we don’t know everything. The flames of curiosity burn strong within us, however. Please send us a quick note and let us know of something that you think might interest our readers.

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    What is check my bait!?

    Check my bait! is an ingenious mechanism (if we say so ourselves) for testing the advertising waters. You can submit any kind of marketing investments, whether its a print ad, search ad, video, content, website, or special promotion, to check my bait! We'll post it on feed growth! and invite our readers to weigh in with constructive (and okay, occasionally snarky) criticism.

    In other words, put your specific marketing investment or idea on a hook, before you put yourself on one.

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    How do I submit my idea to check my bait!?

    Easy! Click on the check my bait! image to the right of the daily feed growth! article or in the top navigation. Fill out the online form and upload any accompanying files. All check my bait submissions are reviewed by feed growth! editors prior to publishing.

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    How do I tag a check my bait! image with a comment?

    Click on the orange "add image comment" tab above any check my bait! image. This will activate the tagging plugin. Mouse-over the image, line up the cross hair, and draw a picture box over the portion you want to capture. The plugin will take a snapshot and pop-up a comment box where you can add your witty repartee or marketing insights. The image capture and your commentary will be posted below.

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    What are minnows?

    Minnows are news articles and blogs handpicked by the editors of feed growth! and appear as a feed on the site. Just a little something to nibble on. Not a huge article, but still tasty.

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    Are these ideas paid for by the companies mentioned?

    Nope. While we are interested in speaking with advertisers, all editorial decisions rest with feed growth!

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    Who are the people behind feed growth! ?

    feed growth! is written by Tom Klein and the team at digital scientists. The incredible illustrations were created by wacky genius John Nelson. The site was designed and created by the talented staff at digital scientists. Like what you see? You should definitely give them a call.

Please contact us if you have other questions.

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