Fish where the fish are Get close to targeted customers in a video game

Posted by tom klein May 31, 2007

Something is stealing viewers from the TV. It’s the other new media – video games. Now a $10 billion dollar industry, larger than the total movie box-office.

To reach men from the teens up to mid 30’s, consider developing a low cost game that brings your brand personality to life – literally. Burger King sold three games for the MS Xbox ($3.99 each with a value meal) as part of a 2006 holiday promotion. The games feature the chain’s iconic King and the the strangely popular Subservient Chicken in various exploits – with Sneak King the most popular. As a part of the effort the chain created a gamer focused site at

In addition to critical acclaim and selling 3.2 million games, Burger King generated incremental traffic and sales – contributing to a 41% jump in quarterly profit.

Instead of creating another set of TV ads, think about bringing your brand to life in its own game.

Gaming development requires a significant investment of time and money. BK's three games required 7 months and a team of over 50 people. Web-based gaming is much more affordable and can be integrated more closely into your own site. See some gaming examples at the site of our design partner - Toolbox Design.

Just creating an adver-game won't do anything for you if it's not attractive to your target. It must be just as smart and savvy as a commercial game. BK succeeded in putting its brand character (the King's "creepiness" factor) to work in a rich environment. Think through how you might use gaming to expand or develop your own brand's personality.


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  1. This is similar to the games on the Disney site, which my kids love. Erik posted on

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