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Posted by tom klein July 1, 2008 at 12:03 pmweb design

Dear friend of feed growth!,

It has been a year since I first launched feed growth! My aim was simple – to provide an idea each day to help you grow your business with digital tools and new media.

We’ve decided to celebrate the occasion of our anniversary in style, or better said, with a new style. With an improved layout, fresh artwork by John Nelson, and innovative features, the single serving is now a heaping helping of “fishing for customers” goodness:

  • Check My Bait : Have you ever had an idea for an ad or marketing campaign but weren’t sure if the fish would bite? Or, alternatively, ever feel like you need some fresh eyes on some tired marketing investments?
  • Now, you can submit any kind of marketing investment (TV ad, print ad, search ad, content, promotion, website, display ad . . . get the idea?) to Check My Bait. We will post your ad and then let the feedback fun begin. Our readers and the feed growth! team will weigh in with constructive (and, okay, occasionally snarky) criticism. In other words, put your specific marketing investment or idea on a hook, before you put yourself on one.

  • Minnows: Minnows are little tidbits of news handpicked by the editors of feed growth! and appear as a feed on the site. Just a little something to nibble on. Not a huge article, but still tasty.
  • Growth Ideas: We’ve completely updated the look of our ideas, with a snazzy new layout and brand new sea creatures. Yes, the somewhat obtuse Rooster, Seal, Camel, Ostrich, and Ant have been put out to pasture. They’ll resurface someday soon in our archive of weird stuff.
  • Weekly Email with Caption Contest: Even the weekly is getting an update! The week-in-review email will feature an original John Nelson cartoon and the opportunity to try out your comedic chops. Submit your entry by visiting feed growth! and drawing a caption directly on the cartoon (a nifty little WordPress plug-in we’ve created). The winner will appear on feed growth! the following week and will receive global acclaim, or at least the slavish following of a demented few.

As a part of our redesign, we’ve moved our email subscription over to Google’s Feedburner. It’s a free tool (that of course we’ve already written about)that converts a RSS feed to email. If you receive email from us, you will need you to sign up in the new system.

To activate your subscription to the new feed growth!, click here. It’s a necessary evil, but it only takes a minute to complete.

With all of this groovy stuff, we may need a bigger boat (just had to get that line in there, from this great movie). Feed growth! is an idea resource for you – so let us know what you would like to see.


Tom Klein
bait shop general manager
feed growth!


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