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Posted by tom klein July 3, 2008 at 4:23 pmelection 2008, television

from the baitshop

The TV ad war has begun. First shot fired by the Obama camp with this biographical ad. It addresses in one swoop numerous kefuffles – from the flag pin to the elitist “clinging to guns” comment and I’m sure several in between. While it may seem surprising that anyone who’s not a potted plant already knows him, rest assured that most of the country doesn’t really know much about Senator Obama. Ergo, this introduction and history helps introduce the candidate to that part of the country that’s been just going to work and doing their job, as opposed to following the primaries.

who’s it for?

Surprisingly, this ad isn’t just for purple and blue states. They’re investing in some of the other varieties, with hopes of putting more in play than the usual handful of folks from that state that’s high in the middle and round on the ends.

why is it being done?

Introduce the candidate and start the campaign against McCain.

are the fish biting?

TV ads are expensive, especially when compared to what is, I am not making this up, 24 hour coverage on cable. I’m sure the pollsters are seeing that these ads and helping folks to get to know Senator Obama.

where to from here?

Well, hold on to your hats, there’s about half a billion dollars of media spending on its way.


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  1. It's certainly the "You Tube" era, isn't it? But the American public has been progressing (?) toward the "sound bite" era for decades. Long before the Kennedy-Nixon debate introduced video images into the campaign process, there were slogans like "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too"... ...used in the 1840 presidential campaign for William Henry Harrison. While the tools have changed, the intent remains the same: simplify the message so that one might influence people who are unwilling (or unable) to understand the deeper issues when they make a snap decision in the election booth. The majority of Americans will not invest the time or effort to research the candidates. _Dreams from My Father_ and _The Audacity of Hope_ offer a much more thorough introduction to Barack Obama - but how many people will have read them before they decide that he is (or isn't) our best choice for President? I have...and I have. For more on why I believe he should be our next President, please invest a few moments to review my reasons at: Thanks for sharing! Rockhopper posted on

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