Back to basics John McCain biography TV ad review

Posted by tom klein July 28, 2008 at 9:59 amelection 2008, television

from the baitshop

McCain is nothing if not the biography candidate. This TV ad delivers that biography, juxtaposing a wounded and tortured McCain shot down over Vietnam with long-haired, sybaritic hippies who definitely do inhale. Too bad Senator Obama couldn’t be shown in stark contrast soaking in Woodstock or some other hedonistic festival. The point is that in 1968 Senator Obama had just entered . . . the first grade.

who’s it for?

This ad tells the McCain biography for those who don’t know it. Surprisingly, Senator McCain has made no mention of the fact that his son is currently serving in Iraq.

why is it being done?

Introduce the candidate and explain his bona fides in national defense and security matters.

are the fish biting?

Those electoral fish can be tricky. It seems that the swing states are too close to call, though there’s much talk of a press corps love affair with the other guy.

where to from here?

While these ads are nice, the real battle will happen when the campaign moves beyond biography.


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