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Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 10, 2009


They say any press is good press, but negative attention in the blogs and on Twitter can harm your brand’s reputation.   Sure, there are tools to monitor social mentions (there’s one even called Social Mention), but few actually tell you how your brand is perceived by the public.   Is a rash of tweets about your products good or bad?

That’s the idea behind RankSpeed.   This tool analyzes the sentiments associated with a keyword (e.g. your brand) and computes the percentage of people who share that sentiment.  In layman’s terms, if people are talking smack about your brand or products, you can see where it’s coming from and how bad it is.

Here’s how it works.   Plug a search tag into RankSpeed and the sentiments you want it to track.  RankSpeed then combs over 3 million websites and tells you:

  • The origin of the conversation (which sites)
  • The number of people participating in the conversation (sources)
  • The percentage that used those sentiments

You can filter these results by most recent, adjust the relevance, or click on the site to view the actual comments.   In my example, I’m tracking mentions for FriendFeed.  I can see that the majority of the mentions are positive, and when I drill down and look at the actual comments, I can see the context of the mention.

RankSpeed semantic search

RankSpeed appears to be pure search, which means you can’t set up an account and alerts.  Still, it’s a nice tool to have in your arsenal.  If you’re already using a brand monitoring tool, it could provide some insight into a conversation spike.

RankSpeed provides sharing options so you can tweet, email, bookmark, and publish your search results.

RankSpeed is a great brand tool, but really, it's designed for semantic search, so you can find the best, most useful, most popular websites or applications. For example, the "best" "twitter tool" or most "effective" "antivirus".


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