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Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 3, 2009

crowdeye-logo real-time search twitterReal-time search is an excellent way to stay on top of news, trends, and social chatter.  Unfortunately, the most au courant results are not always the most relevant, as anyone who has ever sifted through Twitter tweets knows.

CrowdEye hopes to change all that by introducing the first real-time search ranking algorithm, CrowdRank.  CrowdRank brings structure – quality control, if you will – to real-time search.  Of course, when we say “real-time”, we really mean social search.   Services like CrowdEye tap into Twitter’s API and display results based on the most recent tweets.

With the addition of CrowdRank, you can now filter those results by relevancy.  CrowdRank looks at several things to determine rank – followers, retweets, whether or not an account is verified, etc – then assigns a number 1-100 to the Twitter user.   This is their CrowdRank.  The higher the rank, the higher they appear in CrowdEye’s search results.

crowdrank real-time search twitter social media search

CrowdRank also serves up the most popular links with your results.  If you’re less interested in the conversation around the news story, this is great option.   To top it off, if you sign into CrowdEye with your Twitter account, you can retweet any of the search results or follow a user directly from the page.

CrowdEye also offers suggestions for Twitter users to follow. Enter a search term, and the service narrows down the field and ranks each user with the CrowdRank algorithm.

While Google and Bing duke it out (and Yahoo bows out to do some serious soul-searching), real-time search engines are coming into their own. Will they ever replace traditional contextual search? Probably not, but it depends on what you're looking for. For example, if you want the inside scoop on DragonCon (this weekend in Atlanta), CrowdEye makes sense.


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