I do say. What is up? Obama Campaign Resuscitates Bud’s Wassup Campaign to Land a Punch

Posted by tom klein October 27, 2008 at 11:47 amcheck my bait, election 2008

from the baitshop

Budweiser had a hit in the original Wassup TV commercial. The Obama campaign has brought it back to life, but now uses the ad’s main characters to paint a picture of how things have changed (for the worse) over the last 8 years. What really works here is the humor. For those who remember the initial campaign, it’s instantly recognizable. For those who never saw it, we’ve included here both versions (the original and the remake). If anyone needed to be reminded of the hurricane Katrina debacle, the recent / current stock crash, home foreclosures, or health insurance problems – this ad does a good job . . . amazingly without being too much of a downer.

who’s it for?

The humor and the ad have very broad appeal. Given that Bud ran this ad, it’s probably well known at the very least to anyone who watches ESPN or sports on TV.

why is it being done?

For the Obama campaign, it’s important that they avoid coasting to the finish. Things didn’t work out too well 4 years ago for the prior nominee. This ad probably helps motivate some of those Gen Y voters and targets the well known Obama weakness among older men.

are the fish biting?

The fish are slapping fins on this one.

where to from here?

Early voting has already begun in many states.  Everyone wonders what ingredients might make up an “October Surprise.” Conspiracy theorists . . . talk amongst yourselves.


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  1. And isn't it ironic that Cindy McCain's fortune was made through an Anheuser-Busch distributorship. :o) Rockhopper posted on

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