Look - free balloon rides! Turkey Welcomes You magazine ad

Posted by tom klein July 8, 2008 at 6:58 pmmagazine ad

from the baitshop

Okay, this is just weird. I know Turkey isn’t exactly France, but what’s with this totally weird ad. I’m a huge balloon fan, but I just can’t figure out how this is supposed to make me want to visit Turkey.

And, I’ve actually heard just amazing things about the place. It’s not as if Turkey is in competition with Disney World. isn’t there something that they could communicate here that would be a bit more upscale and ownable – as in, these are things you can only see and do in Turkey?

By the way, Turkish dudes, we’ve already got a fab balloon fiesta in Albuquerque every year. Balloons, per se, don’t say Turkey in any way, whatsoever.

who’s it for?

This ad ran in Departures, the magazine for Platinum Amex card holders. Target is the road warrior.

why is it being done?

Butts in seats – namely, butts in Turkish Airlines seats.

are the fish biting?

I would bet that this is actually “un-selling” Turkey. It’s turning the cool “I’m going to Turkey” into something that’s decidedly uncool. Definitely not working juxtaposed with luxury Vuitton or Chanel ads.

where to from here?

How about a blog post about things to do in Istanbul?


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