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Posted by tom klein August 17, 2008 at 5:37 pmmagazine ad

from the baitshop

This print ad for Samsung LCD TV’s has us wondering – what are they thinking? If we’re going to imagine a television inspired by art, I think that it might look a little different from every other TV.

Adding along a lot of mysterious and undefined terms, like Touch of Color and Series 6, just serves to cloud the picture even further.

The final insult here is for all of you design-focused readers. At the bottom of the ad, they’ve put the TOC on top of the TV, but have not angled the letters to represent the accurate perspective. It screams too cheap to hire a real designer or intro to Photoshop 101 – not befitting Samsung and certainly not inspiring anyone to drop a few grand on an LCD TV.

who’s it for?

Given that this ad appeared in an upscale magazine, I would assume that they’re targeting a more female audience (than the traditional electronics ad) that’s also upscale.

why is it being done?

To sell some TV’s – and, more likely, build the Samsung brand which isn’t faring too well in the LCD game against Sony and Sharp.

are the fish biting?

It would surprise us.

where to from here?

Check out the selection at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and the like.


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