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Posted by tom klein August 4, 2008 at 3:17 ammagazine ad

from the baitshop

Well, you might be surprised but we do love how hand drawn stuff stands out on the web. What really works here is how this ad makes you stop and try to figure it out. They do take for granted that you know what the heck CRM Solutions are, but hey, that seems okay here. If you’re in business and you don’t know, you’ve probably been on some other planet. However, we would like to see it describe what the heck does – even if it’s supposed to be a winner in ease of use.

who’s it for?

Business executives. CRM is like brushing your teeth – something you need to be forced to do until it becomes an ingrained habit. companies don’t do it very well.

why is it being done?

Sell a little software as a service.

are the fish biting? has all of the momentum. No one wants to go through a big software implementation that takes years. I’m surprised so many companies still go through it. The lesson for most companies is to not try to customize it too much.

where to from here?

Have you hugged a customer today?


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