Tall, dark, & batty Armani for Bruce Wayne – The Dark Knight print ad review

Posted by tom klein July 2, 2008 at 7:04 pmmagazine ad

from the baitshop

While it does call to mind a certain American Psycho a bit more than the Dark Knight, this print ad, found in the Departures Magazine (freebie for Platinum American Express users) is strangely cool and interesting. For the gray hairs in the crowd, it might even remind you of Giorgio Armani’s breakthrough ads featuring Richard Gere aka The American Gigolo. Anyways, what’s interesting here is how just another suit ad stands out thanks to the introduction of a fictional character, billionaire playboy and industrialist Bruce Wayne. If you can’t have the bat’s amazing toys, at least you can slip into his alter ego’s stylish duds.

who’s it for?

American Express Platinum Card holders – usually road warriors of some flavor.

why is it being done?

This ad is a great example of how licensing rights can help drive franchise profits.

are the fish biting?

It’s hard to tell, but if we could get someone from Neiman Marcus to weigh in here, we’d be much obliged.

where to from here?

Check out what’s on sale at Armani.



5 Comments on “Armani for Bruce Wayne – The Dark Knight print ad review”

  1. This is so low on the page that it risks getting overlooked if you're just casually flipping through this magazine. I would prefer to have some other clue, even if it's still subtle, that this isn't just a model - it's Bruce Wayne.

    Show Image tom klein posted on
  2. The texture does look hand made

    Show Image tom klein posted on
  3. The S gets lost in the shirt, making this hard to read.

    Show Image Tom Klein posted on
  4. Okay - here! is where the S disappears.

    Show Image Tom Klein posted on
  5. Dark Knight is a must see for sure, though it might be a better game plant to go after the crowds die down a bit. patrick posted on

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