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Posted by tom klein August 12, 2008 at 6:40 pmintegrated, magazine ad

from the baitshop

Here in the baitshop, we like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to alcoholic beverages – including the domain of upscale tequila. This magazine ad calls to mind Faith Popcorn’s now timeworn locution of affordable luxury. What used to pass for such a luxury, things like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, now has an adult counterpart.

As for the ad, it can seem sort of absurd to compare a $40 bottle of tequila with owning a villa in Tuscany. The whole idea behind an affordable luxury is that it represents perfection, but it’s not out of reach. Think of Mont Blanc pens or even a Chanel lipstick. Just about anyone can gain access to perfection, albeit on a small scale.

We’d have to say that the idea that some perfection is debatable leaves us a bit confused. Does the line imply that not everyone can agree on a vacation home, but they can agree on a brand of tequila? Maybe we’ve just spent too much time down in the Keys to know the difference.

who’s it for?

Tequila drinkers with a few extra dollars. Or, maybe someone who’s just looking to impress.

why is it being done?

Remind people to ask for Patron . . . or to remind them which of the 50 different tequilas they should buy when they’re wandering around the liquor store.

are the fish biting?

This brand has been hugely successful – as has the category. What’s the next liquor category that will make the leap to uber super premium . . . rum?

where to from here?

The proof is in the . . . margarita. Cheers.


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