Wedgie woes push tightey whities Hanes integrated anti-wedgie campaign review

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from the baitshop

This integrated campaign sheds a humorous light on a common fashion flaw for the ladies while allowing consumers to share their own wedgie woes. This campaign features comedic actress Sarah Chalke, who shares her personal red carpet wedgie moment with Hanes consumers in a series of television commercials, print ads, online ads, and wedgiefree microsite.

who’s it for?

This ad targets women of all ages who have struggled with the dreaded wedgie!

why is it being done?

Humor can be an effective selling tool. Hanes has successfully raised awareness of their new No Ride Up panties line in a non-evasive and very entertaining way. Women can relate to Chalke’s plight, so they are more likely to share their personal stories. Streaming commercials are an effective way to illustrate the point here- our heroine awkwardly shimmies across the screen as she combats her wedgie!

are the fish biting?

Hanes reports an overwhelmingly positive response. Both media and consumers have taken to this ad campaign, which tested well prior to launch

where to from here?

Share your funny wedgie story with Hanes, enter to win a pair of underwear through the No Wedgie Wednesday contest, or just enjoy the series of video spots with Sarah.



4 Comments on “Hanes integrated anti-wedgie campaign review”

  1. Great way to add credibility to the site - and also support the humor.

    Show Image tom klein posted on
  2. The link to haynes home page doesn't seem to work. And thats the most prominent link on the page. Haa haa.

    Show Image vishi posted on
  3. Is she looking up, or is it just me?

    Show Image Tom Klein posted on
  4. What if I actually enjoy wedgies? Are wedgie lovers going to be miffed somehow?

    Show Image Frances Klein posted on

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