What a wonderful world Don’t Know Much (about the economy) TV ad review

Posted by tom klein August 25, 2008 at 4:40 pmcheck my bait, election 2008, television

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Well, we’re past the season of niceness and biographies. Now is when the fun begins. Everyone knew that this quote would come back to haunt Senator McCain. And so, here it is.

This ad features a well-known, though somewhat dated tune by Sam Cooke.  Even though neither candidate seems to know that much about business (well, neither, it seems, has ever managed a business), it’s always fun to catch a politician in a moment of unscripted candor. Ads like this should teach everyone a lesson.

Yes, and for anyone feeling cranky and slighted, we realize that a President can’t possibly know everything about everything.

This ad tries to do too much and would have been stronger if it had stayed focused on explaining why John McCain was RIGHT when said that he didn’t know much about economic issues (if that is in fact the main point of the ad).

who’s it for?

The much coveted swing and undecided voter.

why is it being done?

The other shoe had to drop. There it goes.

are the fish biting?

Hard to say, though shouldn’t Senator McCain at least get some credit for being honest (or maybe he was pretending to be honest – drat, how can you ever know)?

where to from here?

More ads to come, though only the swingers will see them.


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