What's in the fine print? Wachovia Free Checking fine print display ad review

Posted by tom klein June 14, 2008 at 9:43 amdisplay ad

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from the baitshop

Banks are notorious for putting the truth in the fine print. It normally is where you’ll find all sorts of fees and penalties that you don’t find about until the day comes. This campaign focuses on what’s behind the claim of “free checking” that seems to be the mantra from all banks these days. What’s different here is that Wachovia actually gets a little playful and includes more than just the usual claim. Imagine that – a bank with a personality.

This display ad appeared on Digg, just in case you were wondering.

I like that it works on a number of different levels – in other words, I get the point right away, but if I linger, there’s a payoff of something that’s entertaining. I can’t wait until I can access my account with telepathy as they mention. Check it out to see what else they have to say.



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  1. Hot dogs with free checking? Where do I sign up?

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  2. I'm not in love with this font. I realize it stands out here, but it's a bit jarring.

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  3. Nice blocky sans serif font here

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  4. Is this a different blue?

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