Advertise and sell at the same time! Purchase directly with a Tailgate display ad

Posted by tom klein June 10, 2008 at 5:12 pmdisplay ad

from the baitshop

Tailgate Technologies takes the display ad one step further and launched full online ticketing capability in a 30kb standard secure Flash banner for the movie ticketing system.

who is the target?

Anyone who wants an ad that does more than just advertise. This is where the ability to actually transact commerce online will be a distinct advantage. Every advertisement becomes a vehicle to close the deal.

why is it being done?

Why put all that effort into getting prospects to a website when they can just buy wherever they see an ad?

are the fish biting?

Time will tell but this sure feels like the next generation of display ads.

where to from here?

Check out the Tailgate Technologies site.



4 Comments on “Purchase directly with a Tailgate display ad”

  1. A great credibility builder

    Show Image tom klein posted on
  2. Not sure if people really want this to be so large on a display ad

    Show Image tom klein posted on
  3. I would be worried that people wouldn't understand that they could transact directly in the banner. They have been conditioned to click thru to landing pages or product pages. What about SSL? How does that work in ads? Very cool, but still some selling to do.

    Show Image Bob posted on
  4. Too much blue in there? The kite can be more prominent.

    Show Image Vishi posted on

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