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Posted by tom klein July 7, 2008 at 6:12 pmdirect mail

from the baitshop

So many direct mail pieces wash over us, it’s a wonder that we notice anything at all. This one showed up and stood out. Well, it helps that I’m a Braves fan (and the tail-wagger even has a Braves collar). Don’t think that our keen bait shop will be swayed by fandom and nostalgia. This direct mail does well on the merits.A great and evocative image. A simple offer. And a handful of thoughtful niceties – things like the square drawn around the URL. The real question – shouldn’t this be a banner ad somewhere that would let me buy something on the spot. When you’re selling something intangible like tickets, you would think that display ads would be more productive than a slick direct mail.

who’s it for?

The baseball fan. Also, given that the back side of this ad reads like something of an insider’s suggestion, it’s aimed at fans, people who already know the players. It’s definitely not targeted, for example, at moms who might be interested in having a fun family outing.

why is it being done?

They aim to sell a 20 game ticket plan

are the fish biting?

While we were caught by the great image and slick execution, we wonder if the offer will have sufficiently broad appeal.

where to from here?

Check out the Atlanta Braves official site



8 Comments on “Atlanta Braves direct mail review”

  1. Great way to make a URL stand out, but not be obtrusive

    Show Image tom klein posted on
  2. Some of these white letters blend in with the background. There are some good options to consider for making this stand out . . .

    Show Image tom klein posted on
  3. This is where the white text gets lost in the background. Also, what do I want with an autographed ball? How about some free hotdogs or peanuts?

    Show Image Bob posted on
  4. One paw is off th ground - adds to the drama of the shot.

    Show Image Tom Klein posted on
  5. Yep its all about the pic.

    Show Image Vishi posted on
  6. These pants are too white for professional baseball. Not a grass stain or dirt smudge in site. I suspect Photoshop!

    Show Image maggie.hunsucker posted on
  7. If you look behind the players in the dugouts for each team, on the wall you see, text in white surrounded by a braves blue box. This is clearly a reference to that image that you see all over the TV while watching the games.

    Show Image Marcus Rosentrater posted on
  8. Kind of a funny face, of course

    Show Image Frances Klein posted on

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