Want to rule the world? Launch your video to multiple sites and track performance with TubeMogul

Posted by tom klein August 18, 2008 at 8:50 am

While we all know that YouTube is the big dog in online video, it’s not the only member of the pack.

Thanks to TubeMogul, launching and tracking a video marketing campaign to multiple sites at the same time can be both feasible and easy. TubeMogul gives publishers a single platform for mass video distribution to all the top media sites. Upload (up to) 12 sites at once, including YouTube, Google Video, Myspace, AOL, Vimeo, and more. Then, monitor when, where, and how often a video is played through your TubeMogul dashboard.

Need more in depth analysis? With TubeMogul, personal analytics, as well as, industry research and trends come standard. Track performance and viewership levels for all your campaigns or gather intelligence on competing publishers to see where you stand. Look at the industry through a larger lens with TubeMogul Industry Analysis reports. Topics range from the top video sharing sites to the success and pitfalls of monetizing online video content.

Both the TubeMogul platform and the supporting data are free. So, whether you’ve got content locked (but not loaded) or looking to experiment with video marketing, TubeMogul offers a great jumping off point.

TubeMogul aggregates data across their entire network to create their custom industry reports. Whether you use the platform or not, create a free TubeMogul account and gain access to these reports and data or receive a monthly email with the latest reports available.

There is no mystery here- TubeMogul is capitalizing on a weakness in the video sharing industry. By providing performance data for your personal videos, regardless of the hosting site, publishers and marketers can improve their results and gain a better understanding of their audience.


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  Toon time Create and share short cartoons with Minivid

Posted by tom klein July 1, 2008 at 7:30 am

How can you capture some of the magic of animation without blowing a big hole in your budget?

Minivid is a simple animation solution that lets you create custom cartoon shorts and share them with the world. The site provides a demo for using all the features, but the drag-and drop functionality of this application makes it a snap to create and edit animations in minutes. Fuzzwich has preloaded Minivid with a stable of playful “actors”, multi-layer backgrounds, and music selections. Hit record and position your actors on screen by dragging them with your mouse. Add comment bubbles or choose from each actors available actions menu. For example, the ninja can throw a ninja star or use his sword; another character can grow a beard. You can even change the the scale of the actors or the timing of events by pausing your animation and manipulating all the ingredients in the editing bar.

Check out this nifty little animation we created on the fly:

Fuzzwich publishes and hosts all your animations on their site; animators are given a free portfolio space, where you can share your animations, launch mini cartoon campaigns, or embed your animations in your website or social media site (like Facebook or Myspace).

If you are looking to add something fun to your site or need a free tool for creating branded animations, check out Minivid. Though we warn you, be prepared to lose countless hours playing with this application.

Fuzzwich has another animation product in private beta, called Animator. Animator promises the same intuitive web-based interface, with more complex animation capabilities like organic motion, camera and depth effects, and web-cam integration.

Fuzzwich just unveiled a point system that lets animators earn points for referring friends or receiving approval from the community. Points can be exchanged for additional actors and admittance into private beta groups (see tech morsel).



  Tastes great, eh? Place and track video ads with YuMe

Posted by tom klein June 18, 2008 at 7:00 am

Ready to make the leap beyond those old text and display ads? Maybe it’s time to dip your toe into video ads.

If you’re wondering where to go to place those video ads, YuMe, a broadband video advertising network, should be on your list. With over 400 premium video sites on tap and 120 million unique visitors a month, it’s the largest of its kind, and includes NBC, BitTorrent, and Microsoft among its providers. YuMe was designed exclusively to monetize and track video content. Advertisers can choose by programming verticals (like entertainment, lifestyle, news, music, and sports,) or target audiences based on geography or content popularity. And regardless of the delivery platform (streaming, download, mobile), YuMe provides real-time monitoring and analytics, so there’s no guesswork involved when measuring the success of your campaign.

Video ad production and placement doesn’t take a ton of money. Are your old notions standing in the way?

To date, the greatest hurdle for video advertising has been the inability to measure results. YuMe just rolled out an AdMe dashboard tool for private beta, which showcases delivery and fulfillment results across multiple campaigns.

Traditional TV commercials have taken a hit as a post-Tivo culture demands more creative advertising mechanisms. With a variety of ad types, including pre-roll, interactive overlay, and branded content and players, YuMe offers an old dog doing some new tricks.


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  Nibbly bits Sell your services as short videos with MindBites

Posted by tom klein June 6, 2008 at 7:00 am

Anyone who sells anything from croissants to chemicals knows the painful truth of so many product-focused businesses. You end up giving away a lot of services for free.

Now, no matter the size of your business, you have an easy tool for selling your knowledge with MindBites. Here’s how it works. Sign up to become an author, create your short video, upload it, promote it, and then, ideally wait for your viewers to show up. Every time someone views your video, you earn $1. Viewers pay between 1.69 and $1.99 to purchase your small video. It’s early going in the sale of video content, so you’re not likely to make a fortune.

If you or your brand already have significant star power, let this serve as an example that you can apply in a site of your own. In any case, no matter what business you’re in, think about how you might be able to monetize all of the services that you currently offer for free.

When it comes to making this happen, here's the secret. Go buy a video camera. It's strange how so many companies have $2K laptops all over the place, but no one seems to have a decent video camera.

If your response to a question about making money for a service business, just think about a little computer company that figured it out ... IBM. What used to be given away is now sold as part of a consulting business. Don't underestimate your ability to get customers to pay for what you KNOW, not just what you make.



  Comment allez-vous? Enable video comments for blog readers with Seesmic

Posted by tom klein May 5, 2008 at 7:46 am

We’re all used to reading text comments, but sometimes video can say a lot more. Up until now, adding video to blog comments has been almost impossible.

With Seesmic’s new WordPress blog plugin, now it’s easy. Click on the regular comments tab (found at the bottom of your blog post) and choose the video option from the drop down menu. Simply click the red recording button or the enter key to start/stop the recording. Then, save, title, and post, and ta-dah you have engaging reader content on your site, with no effort on your part or added expense. With up to 5 minutes of recording space, the floor is open.

And you never know, a customer might actually say something nice about your brand that you can reuse as a testimonial. You won’t know until you let them speak.

Bloggers can moderate Seesmic video comments like regular text comments. With the ability to accept anonymous video, this is a handy feature for those who fear what the freedom of user-generated content brings.

When it comes to gathering comments, you want to make sure that you’re providing as many options as possible. Younger blog readers are accustomed to built-in video cameras in their computers and smart phones, and YouTube-style video content.


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