Safety in numbers Book large meetings and events with the improved Tungle

Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 14, 2009 at 6:42 am


You may recall Tungle from Time after Time.  This web-based application lets you book appointments with multiple parties through your existing calendar and email system.

Tungle already had a pretty good offering, but now, you can book large meetings and events with the same ease as your day-to-day appointments.    Here’s a breakdown of the new functionality:

Improved Group Booking: Wrangling a large crowd can be tough.  Now, invitees can see all your proposed times and select the options that work for them.  The system then uses an algorithm to come up with the best mutual time and books it.   If there are no common times, it notifies you, so you an propose more times or modify your schedule.

Optional Booking: If you’re the type that likes to be in charge and wants to look at all replies before setting a time, you can cut out the Tungle middle man.  This is ideal if certain attendees are deal-breakers.  You can assign priority to their schedules when choosing a time.

Edit Meetings: Nothing is ever set in stone, even after all members have accepted an invite.   This features lets you edit a meeting after it’s been proposed or booked.  Tungle’s automated features will ensure you don’t double book or forget to put the new time on your calendar.

tungle meeting scheduler

If you think about the amount of time spent organizing a large gathering – scheduling and rescheduling as acceptances trickle in, it’s a lot.  It may even distract you from your core business.  Tungle’s free and determined to create the best online group scheduling experience. lets you publish your Tungle schedules on your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), blog, or email signature. Now, you can use with Ning accounts, using their click-to-meet technology to connect with prospects.

Tungle spent 9 months in usability testing with their core users to learn how to improve the group meeting experience. They published some key findings on their blog and even anted up a notebook computer for users to submit their worst scheduling experience.


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  Through the grapevine Organize and promote your event with tweetup management tool, Twtvite

Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 28, 2009 at 1:27 pm

twtvite logoLooking for a quick and easy way to spread the word about your next event?   Consider holding a Tweetup.  Tweetups are like Meetups (an idea we discussed in Swim, swap, and sweet), except you’re using Twitter to promote your event.

Thing is, a tweetup can get out of hand quickly.   It only takes one person retweeting the location and #freebeer, and your event turns into that house party you had senior year when your parents were on vacation.

That’s where Twtvite comes in.  Twtvite is a free tweetup management tool.  It’s simple to use and comes with several great features:

  • RSVP – yes, no, maybe
  • Waiting List – manages guest list for full events
  • Add to calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, Yahoo! Calendar)
  • Maps -  shows location of venue
  • Printable name tags – based on people who RSVP’d Yes or Maybe
  • Comments

Here’s how it works:  Fill out a Twtvite form with your event details and Twitter name.  Don’t forget to add a #hashtag, which makes it easier for the service to see who is tweeting about your event.   After your Twtvite is created, you can tweet the URL or post a message to social sites like Facebook.  People who click on your link will be directed to the invite, where they can RSVP, see who else is going, leave comments, and more.

twtvite twitter event manager

You can also use Twtvite to find tweetups in your area.   If you’re leery about holding a tweetup or want to see a tweetup before committing, browse your local listings.

Twtvite provides a widget you can embed on your website to promote your event. The widget includes event details and a way to RSVP.

Need some tips on organizing a successful Tweetup? Mashable put out this Do's & Don't's list with helpful hints like provide food, checkout the location, make sure wi-fi is available, and more.


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  Time after time Avoid double booking and easily sync calendars with Tungle

Posted by maggie.hunsucker June 8, 2009 at 12:43 pm

tungle-logoWe’ve test driven a few scheduling applications on feed growth! but have yet to adopt one for long-term use.   The truth is, for any application to be useful, it needs to work with your every-day routine, or else, it’s just another outside service with yet another login.

That’s where Tungle stands out in the crowd.   It’s an online scheduling application that integrates with your existing calendar and email system.  So, when you send out an invite and/or propose meeting times to participants, everything syncs with your own calendar, whether that’s Outlook, Entourage, Google Calendar, or Apple iCal. Using Tungle is pretty straight forward – create an invite, choose participants, send email – but we really like the multiple meeting time feature, which lets you propose different time slots, and the double-booking safeguard that adjusts those times as your calendar (and invitees’ calendars) fills up.

You will need to create an account (which is free) and let Tungle access your calendar and email systems.   Once you’re set-up, you can share your calendar publicly (Tungle imports your contact list) or pick and choose who you want to share with when the time is right.  You are also given a dashboard to manage all your meetings and shared calendars.   You can even create an RSS feed to view real time meeting updates.

We like the idea of streamlining any process, but when it comes to scheduling a big meeting or important sales call, you have to be on top of your game.  That means taking every opportunity – and using every tool at your disposal- to avoid scheduling conflicts and oversights.

Web-based email systems are simple to integrate with Tungle, but mail clients like Outlook or iCal will require you to download a small connector.

The click-to-meet feature (which links to your public calendar) can be added as an application to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile or as a widget on your website or blog. gives customers a quick and easy way of connecting with you and scheduling appointments.


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  Meeting of the minds Plan and manage a company event or conference with Expectnation

Posted by maggie.hunsucker March 30, 2009 at 1:49 pm


If you’ve ever planned a company event or conference, you know that half the battle is getting all your participants on the same page.

That’s where Expectnation comes in.  It’s a web-based system that corrals conference attendees, speakers, and organizers, as well as all your conference-related information in a single space.

At its core, Expectnation is a content management system (CMS), which makes it an ideal platform for storing, managing, and publishing conference information, and facilitating the entire process.  With Expectnation, you can hold online registration, including payment collection, communicate with speakers and attendees (as a whole or as groups), and make conference materials available for download.  Features include:

  • Event website
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Asset Management, like PDF’s, images, and documents
  • Newsfeeds
  • Online registration and payment through PayPal or PayFlow Pro
  • Mail-merge communications
  • Tracking of invites & responses
  • Online proposal system
  • And more

As the administrator, you control the layout and navigation of your site.  You can even set permissions, so you can point speaker and attendee to the same website URL, but give them different access levels.

Expectnation is a yearly subscription service, with prices depending on individual packages (at the time of publishing, we were unable to obtain pricing).  All event data is hosted on Expectnation’s servers, which means no maintenance or back-ups needed on your end.   All and all, it’s a pretty streamlined solution, so you can worry about managing the actual conference – not the process for managing the conference.

This tool brings together a lot of other well known tools into an application that's focused on doing one thing very well. Despite the almost overwhelming array of collaboration tools, people still want to meet together and there's still not an easy way to manage all of the elements of a conference offline.

Expectnation hosts your event materials as long as you are a customer, which means your files and documents always have a home, and if you choose, can be shared with people outside of conference participants. Remember, the bar can be high in certain categories. Sites for noted conferences like DEMO and TED have a life well-beyond the actual conference date.


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  That's what Benjamin said Promote your event by utilizing community-based social network, BrightKite

Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 25, 2009 at 1:02 pm

brightkite-logoIf you’re looking to promote an event beyond your personal Rolodex of contacts (do people still use these?), you’d be surprised at what’s at your disposal online.

Tap into your own community with a location-based social network like Brightkite.  This service lets you see what’s going on around you, whether it’s your personal friends or random local scenesters.

Brightkite is centered on a “What’s happening?” stream (a similar mechanism to Facebook’s status update), where people “check in” their current location, and if they choose, post a note or an image that relates to that “check in” status.  The stream shows you what your Brightkite friends are up to, as well as people in proximity to your location.  Changing the parameters in your “Around Me’ tab to your Region (100 KM), Metro area (50 KM), City (10KM), Neighborhood (2 KM), Block (200 M), or Close proximity (2 M) lets you decide how intimate you want those updates to be.   Brightkite also keeps tabs on mentions (when people name drop you in their posts) and comments to your own posts.


So let’s get down to business – savvy marketers and event coordinators can use Brightkite to update the community about their whereabouts, and by extension, promote their local event.   Posting a note and images along with the update is just icing on this free marketing cake. Let’s say I wanted to promote a Digital Marketing Meetup – coincidentally, there is one on March 19th, focusing on the Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Ideas.  Imagine that.  I can send out a location blast on Brightkite, include a note with all the details, and an image of the tasty Mellow Mushroom pizza and free beer (usually Heineken) we give away at every Meetup event.  Mmmmmm, beer.

The beauty with this service is I am able to reach a wider audience, because I am not restrained to my personal friends and connections.  Any Brightkite member who sets their “Around Me” parameters to include my location, will see the blast.

Brightkite includes a placemarking tool (similar to bookmarking) so you can earmark your favorite locations like your home or office (or your event location), then "check in" with that location by simply texting [your update]@work or sending images via email.

As an added bonus, you can sign into Brightkite with your Facebook account (thanks to Facebook Connect, an idea we covered in Everybody knows your name). So you can keep your established friends and contacts in the loop too.


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