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Posted by tom klein May 14, 2007 at 8:01 am

Millions of fans use text messaging to vote for the American Idol. Text messaging can connect your customers and prospects with your brand, too.

NBC’s TV ratings blockbuster – Heroes (No. 1 new show for viewers 18-49) goes beyond simple polling and uses text messaging as part of an integrating marketing effort, called Heroes 360. Characters from the show develop websites, send you text message clues and reminders, and generally extend the show’s excitement (program details) well beyond the boundaries of TV. Try the Heroes 360 experience right now by sending the text message HEROES to 62288

You can use a similar approach to bring your best customers closer – alerts for product news, promotions, or special opportunities. "A" students can go further and create an integrated marketing effort that documents the experience of your best customers using text messaging, blogs, and online video.

Have you noticed how these services don’t use regular phone numbers for receiving texts? They use a 5-6 digit number that’s called a common short code or CSC. You can reserve them (through a third party association – the CSCA) for as little as $500 per month.

What a great way to create and manage a one to one dialog with your customers – while positioning your brand as youthful and tech savvy. Also, since sending text messages is much like direct mail, you should be able to establish a direct link between the investment and the return.


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