Oh courant! Obama’s Running Mate email and text notifier

Posted by tom klein August 20, 2008 at 12:42 pmcheck my bait, election 2008, email

from the baitshop

This is just plain smart. And cheap. And modern. Instead of holding a press conference, the Obama camp has decided that it will send the announcement of his running mate by email and text message. Even better, they’re capturing email addresses and text messages for all sorts of good stuff in the future – ranging from fund raising, to organizing, sourcing volunteers, and then the big enchilada . . . getting people to the polls.

who’s it for?

It’s for the political wonks who have to be in the know. Or maybe just for someone who wants the scoop before it gets to CNN.com or the New York Times.

why is it being done?

In addition to the obvious, it positions the Obama camp as with it and somewhere south of 75 years old.

are the fish biting?

This is a win. Even if McCain copies it, he’s just copying it.

where to from here?

You can sign up to receive the announcement of Obama’s running mate. More importantly, there may be a lesson here for you. Does your company have something that your customers would like to know about – right when it’s available?

Update: It’s Biden, though the noble experiment was a failure. The news hit the presses BEFORE the official message thanks to a leak by an insider.



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