Vote to change our world American Express Member Project display ad and social network review

Posted by vishi.gondi August 26, 2008 at 7:28 pmcontests

from the baitshop

American Express has setup a site where users can submit their ideas to change the world – call The Members Project. Any Amex cardmember can submit an idea and vote on other ideas. Non-members can’t vote, but can invite others. The winning ideas will get $2.5 million in funding from American Express. Ideas can cover a wide range of categories – Arts and Culture, Community Development, Education, Environment and Wildlife and Health. This is a unique effort to build a social network to support a worthy cause . . . all the while building the American Express brand.

who’s it for?

We found this ad on Lifehacker and other sites heavily trafficked by active online users. The campaign is targeting the young and socially networked . . . naturally.

why is it being done?

Do a little good, shine a little light on the green card folks.

are the fish biting?

Looking at the activity on the site, it does seem to be working.

where to from here?

Go ahead and create, share, and promote your ideas for how to change the world. Be sure to vote by Sept 9.


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Rock on, dude. Guitar Hero III Contest

Posted by tom klein June 12, 2008 at 5:26 pmcontests

from the baitshop

Guitar Hero has been a bull in the music-inspired game wave. It’s the best way to release your inner rock star. Now anyone can test his skills and see who can really be THE guitar hero. This banner touts a contest but doesn’t really live up to the game itself. In short, it doesn’t really inspire. Shouldn’t it rock a bit harder?



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