Go Bananas for RSS Recap from our RSS to Email MeetUp

Posted by jeff.ader November 14, 2008 at 3:48 pmarticles

JR Gunderson and MailChimp Co-Founder Ben Chestnut at last night\'s MeetUp
JR Gunderson and MailChimp Co-Founder Ben Chestnut adhering to the gray vest dress code…

We wanted to thank all those that came out for our MeetUp last night and pass on some key takeaways to those that were not able to attend.   Special thanks to Ben Chestnut from MailChimp for leading the discussion and providing us with some great RSS insights and resources!

Ben showcased a great new A/B testing feature in their RSS to email tool.  What can often be a very manual and painstaking process of splicing mailing lists and setting up new campaigns to perform an A/B test can now be automated with their new A/B testing feature.  Simply set what you want to test (subject lines, the day the email is sent, the time of day the email is sent, the “From” name, etc.) and let MailChimp perform the test and apply the results to the rest of your campaigns.  Check out this video below that walks you through the A/B testing process.

Ever wonder how your email campaign stats match up with the industry average? Through analyzing over 200 million emails, MailChimp allows you to view industry averages for stats such as open rate, click rate, and bounces, and makes it possible to tie these averages into your custom analytics report.  Make sure to check out the MailChimp Resource Center to explore all of their tips and tools.

We look forward to holding more MeetUps and are certainly open to any suggestions for topics that our readers may have.


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Barrel of monkeys RSS to Email Tools-Digital Marketing MeetUp

Posted by tom klein November 10, 2008 at 10:44 amarticles

Marketing Meetups

Thursday, November 13th at 6:00 PM

For November’s MeetUp, we’re going to focus on RSS to Email tools. We’ll have someone here from MailChimp to lead the discussion and present some of their tools for customizing RSS emails. We’ll focus on the basics and then dig into finer points regarding styling and ad placement. In the interim, you can learn a bit about the topic in our feed growth! posts entitled Monkey Business and Really Hot Mail. This should be a great way to learn about one of the hottest things in email marketing and also get to know some of your fellow digital marketers. The MeetUp will be held at our office and please make sure to RSVP through the Atlanta Digital Marketing MeetUp Group.

We’ll be sure to post some follow up information from the meeting for those readers outside the Atlanta area.



Forget the economy We’re having a caption crisis!

Posted by tom klein October 20, 2008 at 1:09 pmarticles

Caption entries are at an all time low and feed growth! analysts fear the worst. We may have to *gulp* proceed with the weekly with no caption winner.

Now more than ever, we need our readers to step up and caption… it’s the right thing, the American (or French, or Brazilian, or Martian) thing to do. Deadline for the current weekly, En Garde, Captioners, is 9am, Tuesday, October 21st.

Winner receives an economy-stimulating $30 iTunes gift certificate.  There’s no limit on entries, and if you’re feeling a little rusty, check out this screencast demonstrating how to use our cool commenting plug-in.


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Drum roll, please The Top 100 Digital Marketing Ideas for 2009

Posted by tom klein October 14, 2008 at 1:04 pmarticles

The first feed growth! fishing charter was a success, and we would like to thank all our friends (and new acquaintances) for coming out.

We may have anchored the boat, but not the great ideas. For those who were unable to attend – or those who drank too much beer to remember – we’re giving you the Top 100 feed growth! articles in this neatly packaged post.

So, how did we come up with these top 100 ideas (and those oh so impressive top 10)?

Well, we applied a screening process and considered all of the ideas in light of the following:

1) Ability to affect the bottom line

2) Accessibility and relevance across different business categories

3) Our direct experience (have we used it or know someone who has)

4) Magical cool factor

So, now that we’ve done all the work (we love it), you can just sit back and browse the top digital marketing ideas and prepare for how you’re going to generate boffo results in 2009. Know someone who is embroiled in marketing planning, trying to figure out how they’re going to make their numbers?

Why not be a pal and tell them about all of these great ideas in one place? Remember, if you want to jump to the top 10, just scroll down to the bottom.

Finally, if your favorite digital marketing idea wasn’t included, then by all means feel free to register your complaint. That’s what the comments section is for.


blogging & publishing



  • Faceman Pull Facebook data into Salesforce.com with Faceforce



  • Game on Plug your brand into a hot game franchise

gps & mapping


metrics & analysis


scheduling & events


social networking

syndication & rss


Top ten feed growth! ideas

Okay, here we are at the top 10. It was a difficult task to narrow down all of the great digital marketing growth ideas to just these 10, but we found a way. If you’re pressed for time and trying to put together your marketing plan for 2009, you should at the very least give these ideas some consideration.



Wanna play hooky? Don’t forget to RSVP to the feed growth! fishing charter!

Posted by tom klein October 8, 2008 at 1:53 pmarticles

Feed growth! is going offline and offshore for the first ever feed growth! fishing charter.

We’ve covered hundreds of ideas over the past year and half – so many, that it was only logical for us to create a list of the top digital marketing tools and hold a little an event to celebrate. And, of course, you are invited.

If you’re looking for boring PowerPoint slides (or excruciating tech-speak), this trip is not for you.

We’re presenting the best feed growth! ideas and discussing how to use digital tools in your marketing strategy. Here’s your opportunity to learn about digital marketing from the experts… and enjoy a few cold ones while you’re at it.

Where? 1123 Zonolite Road, Suite 11, Atlanta GA 30306

When? Friday, October 10th, 2008

4:00 pm Passenger boarding (figuratively speaking, of course)

4:30-7pm Discussions Begin

The charter starts at 4pm but feel free to drop by any time between 4 and 7 and grab a drink with the crew.

Other: Shirts and shoes required (very casual) Open cooler, tasty hors d’oeuvres catered by Taqueria Del Sol

One more thing…and this is important: While the bait is aplenty, space on the charter is not. Please RSVP immediately to secure your spot.


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