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At April’s Digital Marketing Meetup, we covered the Top Ten iPhone Applications for Sales and Marketing professionals.  Naturally, we snuck in a few more for fun, but you try getting a room full of iPhone freaks (and developers) together and containing the list to a mere 10.   We learned that there are iPhones apps for just about anything – conducting marketing research, keeping an eye on website analytics, managing customer relations, processing credit cards, and on and on.  Not every application will apply to your business, but we tried to include a little something for everyone. The real take away here is how mobile applications are changing the way we do business.

Thanks to Chris’s expertise and JR’s bravery (his iPhone and his private To-Do list were used during the presentation), we were able to demo our Top Ten applications on the large screen. You’ll have to settle for screenshots and clever write-ups.  Enjoy!

In no particular order…

surveyor-screen1. Surveyor

Category:  Marketing Research
Cost:  Free to download, but you will have to purchase credits to administer a survey.

Surveyor is a market research tool that lets participants answer surveys questions with an iPhone (or iPod Touch, for that matter).  It can also be used a survey intercept, easily replacing the clunky and expensive devices used for public research and data collection.

Surveyor is simple to set-up and manage.  Administrators create the questionnaire online and Surveyor generates a 4-digit participation code.   All results are viewable – in real time – through the web-based interface or you can assign specific iPhone device(s) as account administrators.  Surveyor works on a credit system, so no monthly fees apply, but the app does require the administrator to create a free online account with TouchMetric.


  • Questions can be designed to be multiple choice with a single answer, multiple choice with multiple answers, short form, numbered, URL, email, and conditional
  • Intuitive interface and survey set-up
  • Automatic data syncing
  • Results can be filtered by date or person
  • Data is exportable in CSV or Excel format

Why is it on the Top Ten?

Getting people to respond to a survey is difficult enough, so why confine the process to a computer or (gasp!) traditional pen and paper?  Here’s a tool that will help you catch survey respondents wherever they might be, ideally when they’ve a few minutes to take your survey.

stay-in-touch-screen2.  Stay in Touch
Category:  CRM
Cost: $2.99

As the name suggests, this application is designed to keep you in touch with folks.  While simple in design and scope, this little app goes a long way in helping you maintain your business relationships. Stay in Touch clones the look and feel of your existing iPhone contact list and lets you assign follow-up reminders to your customers and prospects. These reminders spring up randomly, well, simi-randomly as you set a loose time frame, prompting you to give that person a call or send them an email.


  • Variety of reminder frequency:  weekly, fortnightly (i.e. biweekly), monthly, 3 months, 6 months, etc.
  • No set-up required.  Stay in Touch imports your contact list for you.

Why is it on the Top Ten?
This application is effortless. Simply assign a reminder to a contact, and when their number comes up (no pun intended), you can follow-up or ignore the reminder all together.  There are no appointments or forced dialogues with customers.  Stay in Touch is just a useful tool for remembering there are people you need to call.

salesforce-screen3.  Salesforce Mobile

Category:  CRM
Cost:  Free, but requires a Salesforce Mobile license

Salesforce has been in the mobile arena for awhile, but their iPhone application is, hands-down, the most elegant and functional extension of the popular customer relationship management platform.   You can access and edit all your Salesforce account information (Accounts, Opportunities, and Leads) from your handheld device just as you would from your computer, giving you the ability to:

  • Respond to leads and customer requests immediately
  • Log sales activities like calls and meetings while out in the field
  • Access up-to-date account records before stepping into a meeting

Road Warriors, this is the iPhone app for you.


  • Full edit, create, and delete capabilities
Why is it on the Top Ten?
Salesforce Mobile for iPhone gives users the ability to take all of their customer data with them in the field, which is where you want your sales and marketing professionals to be.  Not tethered to a desk.


4. Encamp
Category:  Project Management
Cost:  $9.99 (you will need a Basecamp account)

Encamp is a companion application for Basecamp, which if aren’t familiar, is the creme de la creme of project management systems.   Basecamp lets you create client accounts, assign projects to these accounts, and manage every aspect of that project all from a web-based interface, including client conversations, tasks, file revisions, time tracking, milestones, and on and on.   There are a few Basecamp apps making the rounds, but Encamp is our pick, because it looks and functions just like the original.   You can view, create, edit, and delete any Basecamp element directly from your iPhone.


  • View multiply file formats, PDF’s, images (gif, jpg, bmp, png), MS Office docs, etc
  • View, create, edit, delete all To Dos, Milestones, Accounts (call or email from iPhone)
  • View & Comment on Whiteboards

Whys is it on the Top Ten?
For native Basecamp users, this one is a no-brainer.   Basecamp houses all your project files, due dates, and conversations, so when a client asks for the latest design revision or you need a read-out of all the tasks remaining in a project, you can find the answer quickly and easily.  If you don’t use Basecamp, check out our write-up, Before Everest. 4 out of 5 scientists approve.


5.  Analytics Pro
Category:  Web Analytics
Cost:  $3.99

This iPhone application connects to your  Google Analytics account, giving you easy access to search accounts, analytics reports, and all the raw stats and charts you are used to with the web-based original.  It’s perfect for marketers, SEO professionals, or just about anyone who needs web analytics on demand.  Analytics Pro mimics the layout of your web-based Google Analytics account, so accessing your analytics is pretty straightforward.  Plug-in your existing Gooogle username and password, and you are good to go.

Easily view:

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Map Overlay
  • Visitor Overview
  • Site Usage (visits, pageview, bounce rates, etc)
  • Content Overview
  • Traffic Sources (referring sites, search engines, and keywords)
  • Goals/Conversions

Why is it on the Top Ten?
Your website represents the one place where all of your marketing investments come together. Here’s a way to make sure that these analytics (and the answer to “how are we doing”) are accessible wherever you might be.

whack-pack-screen6. Creative Whack Pack
Category:  Creative (Inspiration)
Cost:  $4.99

This application is the iPhone version of Roger van Oech’s Creative Wack Pack card sets and popular seminars.  Wack Pack is a series of strategy exercises designed to stimulate the right side of your brain, so it can give the left side a swift energizing kick when you are under deadline and the ideas just aren’t flowing.   Depending on the card you choose, Creative Wack Pack will offer advice, highlight ways to find information, or provide techniques for generating new ideas.  Either way, its a break from the norm and an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing.


  • 64 strategies per a deck (figuratively)

Why is it on the Top Ten?
Marketers are constantly under pressure to create “the next big idea”, especially in the product development arena, where van Oech’s excercises are highly regarded.   This application is designed to stimulate your thought processes and get you to look at problems from a new angle.  Besides, a five-minute Creative Whack Pack break is probably more productive than staring at your your computer screen all day.

7. ProcessAway

Category:  Invoicing/Payment Processing
Cost:  $19.99, requires CNP (Card Not Present) Payment Gateway

There are many credit card processing applications out on the market, but we choose ProcessAway for it’s robust feature set and automatic integration with the gateway payment system – a necessary middleman for all credit card transactions.  Basically, this application turns your iPhone into a mobile credit card processor – which means you can accept credit card payments anywhere and at anytime.


  • Authorize & Capture Funds
  • Verify & Hold Funds
  • Void transactions, Issue Credit/Refund
  • Comprehensive order fields
  • Shipping fields, customer info fields
  • Transaction logs
  • Saves all order, shipping and customer info
Why is it on the Top Ten?
There is a lot of space between “closing the deal” and actually receiving payment for your services or products.  Net 30 ring a bell?  This app eliminates the gap and lets you collect payment on the spot.  If you’re an independent consultant looking for a tidy credit processing solution or sales professional ready to pounce, ProcessAway is a handy application to have on your iPhone.

star-trek-screen8. Star Trek Countdown, Number 1
Category:  Promotional
Price:  $.99

You don’t need to be a Trekie to appreciate this application.   In anticipation of the new Star Trek movie, Paramount has released the Countdown application, a multi-part comic book application for the iPhone.

Why is it on the Top Ten?
This application is actually quite genius.  One one hand, it’s pure promotional fluff for the upcoming Star Trek movie – that is, the application performs no outside function or service other than building up hype.   It’s a comic book, that’s it.

On the other, Star Trek has a loyal and established fanbase, and at $.99 per an installment (Number 4 was just released), this application will provide another revenue stream for the franchise and probably costs next to nothing to make.

things-screen9. Things
Category:  General Business
ToolsPrice:  $9.99

The simplicity of the Things task management system makes it a real winner.   This application organizes your various To-Do’s around their due dates, so every time you fire up Things, you have a clear view of what you need to accomplish today – and what is on the horizon.   With Things, you can have an individual To-Do item, such as following-up with a sales lead or getting a contract out the door.  But, you can also group To-Do’s in a List or create an umbrella Project for multiple To-Do’s.

The beauty of this application is you can assign a priority level – Today, Next, Someday, or Scheduled – to both the individual To-Do’s or the Lists and Projects they belong too.   Need to create a quick agenda?  Just “star” individual To-Do’s and Things deposits them in your Today bucket.  Priority levels change?  Transfer To-Do’s back and forth with a quick arrow tap.   Things also earmarks past-due items for your consideration and keeps a record of all your completed To-Do’s in an easily accessible Logbook.

  • Syncs with Things for Desktop application
  • Most popular paid to-do application on iTunes
Why is it on the Top Ten?
We all have “things” we need to get done, but what really brings this application home is the ability to add and alter your To-Do lists directly from your phone.  Most mobile devices and PDA’s need to sync with your computer or a central server for a change to stick.   Meetings get canceled, priorities change; your To-Do list manager needs to be flexible enough to keep up with the demands of business.


Category:  General Business Tools
Cost:  $.99 (requires KeyNote software on your computer)

Rarely is a successful presentation made from behind the computer screen.   Your audience should be your focus – not transitioning between KeyNote slides.   If you’re flying solo or sans remote (those little white Mac remotes are notorious for disappearing), this is a great app to have.   Keynote Remote lets you control your KeyNote presentation over a wi-fi connection.   Swiping your finger across the iPhone’s touchscreen progresses the slides back and forth.  It’s that easy.


  • See presentation notes in Portrait (phone is vertical) view
  • Preview presentation in Landscape (phone is horizontal) view

Why is it on the Top Ten?
If you habitually make sales presentations or work with KeyNote, this is a must-have application.   It’s worth the $.99 price tag for in frequent users too, if only as a safety net.   Bottomline, if you’re shuffling between the audience and your computer during a presentation, it’s distracting and unprofessional.



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