Go Bananas for RSS Recap from our RSS to Email MeetUp

Posted by jeff.ader November 14, 2008 at 3:48 pmarticles

JR Gunderson and MailChimp Co-Founder Ben Chestnut at last night\'s MeetUp
JR Gunderson and MailChimp Co-Founder Ben Chestnut adhering to the gray vest dress code…

We wanted to thank all those that came out for our MeetUp last night and pass on some key takeaways to those that were not able to attend.   Special thanks to Ben Chestnut from MailChimp for leading the discussion and providing us with some great RSS insights and resources!

Ben showcased a great new A/B testing feature in their RSS to email tool.  What can often be a very manual and painstaking process of splicing mailing lists and setting up new campaigns to perform an A/B test can now be automated with their new A/B testing feature.  Simply set what you want to test (subject lines, the day the email is sent, the time of day the email is sent, the “From” name, etc.) and let MailChimp perform the test and apply the results to the rest of your campaigns.  Check out this video below that walks you through the A/B testing process.

Ever wonder how your email campaign stats match up with the industry average? Through analyzing over 200 million emails, MailChimp allows you to view industry averages for stats such as open rate, click rate, and bounces, and makes it possible to tie these averages into your custom analytics report.  Make sure to check out the MailChimp Resource Center to explore all of their tips and tools.

We look forward to holding more MeetUps and are certainly open to any suggestions for topics that our readers may have.


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