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Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 13, 2009 at 1:11 pmarticles

lizzer-beta-logo2It’s no secret feed growth! hearts Lizzer (see Scratch your own itch).  This bookmarklet makes it ridiculously easy to insert links and embed a variety of content (including Flickr images and YouTube videos) in your blog posts or web-based email.  It’s a blogger’s little helper.

Lizzer just announced its beta launch, and we couldn’t be more excited.   Most notable is the addition of DocStoc as a content service provider.   DocStoc is a fantastic service that lets you store and preview documents online. We featured DocStoc on feed growth! last year (see Hickory Dickory…) and actually use it as a tool for embedding pesky PDF documents in our articles.   Now with DocStoc on the team, Lizzer users can access their personal account, as well as all public documents in the DocStoc community, and with a single click, insert documents in their blog post or text editor.


The Saved Content feature is worth mentioning too.  This lets you bookmark content as you come across it and save it directly to your Lizzer account, which is great for publishers looking to consolidate their resources in a single tool.  It’s like having your bookmarks on tap.

Be sure to check out the new Lizzer Beta.  Previous users will need to install the latest version to take advantage of all the new features and functionality.  The website has a new look too, with additional screencasts that show you just how easy this tool is to configure and use.  And if you want to spread the Lizzer love, send your sweetie a branded Lizzer Valentine.  Like Lizzer itself, this is a freebie.


P.S.  If you missed our original write-up of the Lizzer bookmarklet tool, it’s worth mentioning that Lizzer is compatible with most email platforms (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail, AOL Mail) and blogs (WordPress, Blogger, MovableType, TypePad, Tumblr).   Content service providers include:  Google Web Search, Yahoo Search , DocStoc, Flickr, Google Image Search, Yahoo! Image Search, Google Blog Search, Google News SearchYouTube, and Google Video Search.


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