You goob! Deliver geo-targeted YouTube videos to Google Earth users

Posted by tom klein October 31, 2007

Web based advertising is often wasted because it’s not targeted based on geography. Secondarily, there’s a certain serendipitous pleasure to finding something that’s new and local – whether it’s a shoe store or a new restaurant.

Google brings these concepts together by letting you connect a specific YouTube video to a place in Google Earth. While everyone probably knows about YouTube, Google Earth is a virtual globe program that lets you traverse the world and see everything from satellite images of your house to pictures of every key monument in the world. The novelty here is that by combining YouTube and Google Earth, local companies now have a great way to create and upload YouTube videos and then associate them with their specific location.

As more and more people rely on Google Earth as their mapping tool, they will now be able to stop on your store or office and also view your YouTube videos. This tool can serve as a virtual advertising platform for nearly any kind of business. If you have video content available, what’s the harm in advertising your brand to Google Earth’s millions of users?

In case you were wondering, you can also add other things to layers in Google Earth. You might find it easier to just add a photo to a certain location or maybe just geotag a relevant Wikipedia entry. It’s up to you.

This combination of YouTube videos inside Google Earth is referred to as a mashup - combining two web-based content and delivery systems. Compelling, targeted content should always be your objective, as vehicles for delivering it will just continue to proliferate. Now your advertising can be found in virtual worlds with just a few clicks.


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